Pro Users

Verto Essentials

Learn more about how to add a project, our Teams App and SSO.


Learn about the variety of features available to you. Understand which features can support your project or programme management needs.


Learn how you can build your own interactive dashboards. Understand how you can share a dashboard template with others.

Kanban Boards

Learn more about our boards feature and how you can create lists, add cards, set priorities, attach files and monitor completion dates.


Learn how you can bring together all of your individual workspace and project responsibilities into one place.


Learn more about how the approval process works in Verto, including what each of the approval statues mean.

Verto Spotlights

Watch our past spotlight webinars covering our most exciting features.


Learn more about the Verto Timesheets Module, including how to utilise rate cards.

Resource Management

Learn more about the Verto Resourcing Module, including how to set-up skill sets, how to request project resource and how to search and allocate.

Performance Planning

Learn how to use the Verto Performance Planning Module to manage organisational plans and key performance indicators.


Learn how to export management information from Verto.

Data Migration [For System Administrators]

Learn how data can be imported into Verto either as a one-off or repeatable process.

Site Design [For System Administrators]

Learn how to make changes to your site, set up system wide settings and manage permissions.