How to add and edit lists

Add a list

Click on the Add List button to create a new list and give it a title. You can also add a description, but you don’t have to. When you’re happy, click OK.

Edit an existing list

Click on the 3 dots ellipsis in the top right hand corner of the list to reveal the following options:

  • Edit – to edit the list title or description.
  • Add Card – to add a new card to the list. 
  • Move - to move the list to a different position within the current board, or onto a another board (either My Boards or a specific Workspace board)
  • Archive - to archive the entire list and all cards within. Note: it is possible to view and unarchive a list if needed.

Collapse a list 

Click on the < in the top right hand corner of your list to collapse it. This can help to focus on the lists that are most important. You can expand the list again by clicking on >.

Watch this video to find out more: