How to produce a report mock-up

In order to build a custom report, the Reports Team will require a mock-up outlining how your report should look, and where the data should be pulled from in the system e.g. the Verto field details. This mock-up, along with a completed report checklist, will contain all the information required to produce the report.

The report checklist has been designed to help you think about how data should be displayed and filtered in the report. It also contains questions regarding colours, fonts, logo's etc. Every report request must have a completed checklist. Download the Report Request checklist

Create your design

Create the look and feel of your report in either MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, ensuring that you present the mock-up as you wish it to appear when printed. Think about the general design, for example:

  • Should the report be portrait or landscape?
  • Do you require headers, footers or page numbers?
  • Should the data be presented in tables, charts, graphs etc?
  • Should column headings repeat on each page e.g. if data flows across multiple pages?
  • Do you require any filters - either hardcoded (fixed) or changeable? 
  • How should data be grouped e.g. based on programme, status, tags etc?
  • How should data be sorted e.g. based programme hierarchy, sequential ID, status, due date etc?
  • Will the report be run by standard users?
  • Should corporate colours or fonts be used?

Locate database field names

Once the initial report design has been completed, you will then need to detail where the data should be pulled from in the system e.g. the Verto database field names. The database field names can be located in two ways:

  • Properties menu - locate the fields individually whilst in the Administration Cog > Configuration area of the Test Site. Against each field click on the downward triangle to reveal the properties information. Copy the 'database column' data into the report mock-up.
  • Export configuration file - the export function allows you to generate an Excel file containing the database field names for all the stages and governance reports in your site. The file can be generated as often as needed via the Administration Cog > Export Configuration to MS Excel. Copy the database field data from the report field names column into the report mock-up.

The database field name should be positioned in brackets alongside any column headings or labels in the report to make it clear where data is to be pulled from. For example Project Name (Projects.ProjectName).

Top Tips

  • Custom Print Template Example: 
    • Click here to see an example custom print mock-up.
    • Click here to see an example completed report checklist.
  • Aggregrated Report Example:
    • Click here to see an example aggregated report mock-up.
    • Click here to see an example completed report checklist.