How to manage lists

Move a list

From the 3 dots ellipsis in the top right hand corner of the list, select Move.

  • Select the new Destination for your list (My Boards or a project)
  • Select the specific Board
  • Select the List Order (position of the list in the new board)
  • Click Move.

Drag and drop can also be used to quickly move a list within an existing board. From the top of your list, simply drag it to another position on your board and release. This is useful when you are adding new lists and/or need to rearrange your existing lists.

Archive a list

From the 3 dots ellipsis select Archive. A pop-up will appear requesting confirmation. Select Yes. The list will have disappeared from the board.

Note: once a list is archived, the cards contained in it can only be viewed by unarchiving the full list.

Unarchive a list

In the right-hand corner of the board, click Actions > Archived > Lists. Against the list you want to bring back, click Unarchive. The list will now be visible in the board once again.

Watch this video to find out more: